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World Vitilgo Day <3

June 25th is #worldvitiligoday and I have learned so much about it since our sons diagnosis age 4. He is now 7 and has positve feelings about his #vitiligo. We will look at his beautiful face and how it changes each year. I'm so proud of how he educates his friends on it and how cool he feels his white eyebrow hairs are 💛

I'm extremely conscious that the majority of people #livingdappled experience negativity still - externally or internally. Making positive change is always a challenge but I believe it is possible.

What can I do?

I try to educate other parents as much as I can and raise positive awareness so that they can educate their children on how to respond and discuss my sons skin with their children too.

I created this heart art from some BB cream, it was was unpredictable to apply but feels beautiful to work with (like thick paint on a roller ball).

Want to learn more about #vitilgo

For starters follow:

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