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Visual processing
Creative Thinking
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I begin with an idea, and then it becomes something else
Pablo Picasso

Concept Design

Services Creative Thinking, Comps, Ideation, Graphic Facilitation, Conceptual Design

From providing an online workshop for Webheroine's Event, to being part of the live debate on women in the tech + creative industry at The British Library, I was also invited to hold portfolio crit sessions at the ULA for it's students.

My strength is in the conceptual round, the ideas
- the gritty sketchy stages. I've been told I have 'too many ideas'  - I believe that is not a bad thing. We just work through them, breaking them down or helping them grow.

I am often contracted to just help at the conceptual stage, with a team on-site, or remotely. I deliver content in a collaborative and effective method. I usually work on a day rate or include this as part of my branding packages.


Check out some of my Visual processing here



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