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Fit Club Tropicana is a service provided by Emily Fahey Fitness

Emily Fahey Fitness

Services Conceptual design, Logo design,

Brand Guides, Web Design, Graphic Design

"This is not the first time I’ve worked with Becky on a creative project but it is the first time I have had to brand myself for my own business - a personal training fitness business with a signature bootcamp.

I found it quite daunting but Becky’s response to brief was spot on. It’s somehow felt like she’d got inside my head and made sense of my ideas - creating something beautiful that also reflects me!

In my first week I had 40% sign up of my ten week courses booked and almost booked-out my individual sessions.


Not only that but my clients have responded so positively to my brand that they are dressing coordinate with it! People are embracing and living the brand which I never excepted could happen so quickly!


I would only work with and recommend Rebekah at Arell for your branding and graphic design requirements'.

- Emily Fahey, Founder of Fit Club Tropicana
and Personal Trainer

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