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Summer of Love

Geekhearts a day - means you are 'a geek' about something on that day.

In 2011, I took a year to explore and experiment with my creativity and blogged about it. Yep, I created 365 hearts - daily art out of anything and everything, in heart shapes....of course some turned out better than others. By April 2011, people from around the world began creating their own hearts too and donating them to me.

It helped shape me as a creative and how I conceptualise in my business now, but it also helped me on a personal level. At the time, I was going through some sh*t and it isn't until I look back that I realise it for what it was and that this daily art project also taught me to find my light in the dark.

10 Years later and I am celebrating this journey with a 'CREATE-A-VERSARY' with 93 hearts for 93 days. From the first day of Summer, 21st June - to the last, 22nd September. I believe that we can all express ourselves through art, and all art should be accessible. If you believe this too, create your own art in a 'heart-shape' this Summer and share it with me.

I will be sharing them on this new blog and on my instagram rebekah_di_palma_arelldesign

You can my 2011 original blog here

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