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Little Wins

03/93 Summer of Love

Ok so some days will have less effort / time / thought! This is one of those times! I've been working late today...but need to celebrate my wins:

✔ Breakfast in the sunshine outside

✔ School run on scooters (yes I have one now that uses good old fashioned legs not leccy!)

✔ 2 x Client meetings

✔ 1 x 121 with the lovely @jackie.poolesmith

✔ Briefing and managing 3 of my awesome designers on client work

✔ Walk to the local shop and called my dad to catch up in sunshine

✔ Ate lunch in the sunshine outside

✔ Sending final output files to web designer

✔ School run (on scooters, caught my ankle. It really hurt)

✔ Park after school for 30mins

✔ Y2 Math homework

✔ Trampoline bouncing x 10 mins

✔ Make dinner

✔ 1 x game of Uno

✔ Reading story at bedtime

✔ Wrapping up 3 x client projects

✔ Emailed weekly uodate to members of local networking group

✔ Planned structure for local networking meeting on Friday with local business

✔ Prepared for first group coaching session tomorrow

✔ Listened to 4 x new podcasts

✔ Created this heart art with pencil post its & blogged about it

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