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It's not all Roses

My nieces got me these interesting outliner pens, either for my last birthday or Christmas and I thought this project would be a good reason to try them out.

Not too sure what happened to the purple pen in there...didn't really outline like the others did it...kind of in-lined. Did you ever go for inline skates? I tried them, they were ace but not as good as 4 wheelers.

Anyway this project is an experimental one and sometimes things don't go as planned - and when they don't, I'll still be sharing them. That is life...'it's not all roses'...and the fact that I realise how nicely this post is all coming together now...(like I didn't mindlessly doodle roses in a heart shape and just right 'that' on a whim). Yep. I did this with intention...I'd think I'm so much cooler...I"m going to change the Post title now :0)

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