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Ducks in Rows

"I don't have ducks. I don't have rows. I have squirrels. And they're at a rave."

I really connected with this today!


I don't know about you, but all year I have been trying to get a strategy pinned down, a plan in place or a structure for a process streamlined. And somehow I do manage to run a successful ship but I don't feel like I have these things sorted you?.

Getting my #ducksinarow seems near on impossible and then I go and have another idea! In my own business, I don't lack ideas or motivation. I lack discipline. Why are we like this for ourselves? 🦆🐿

So when I saw this today, I chuckled to myself and sketched this. I hope it makes you giggle- even if you can't relate and are super organised and focussed 100%. (Share some tips with me!)

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