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MasterGuide example

Emma Martin London logo on packaging

Emma Martin London logo on packaging

Emma Martin London logo style guide

MasterGuide example

River Mole Pre-School logo

River Mole Pre-School website

Tim Richards Architects logo

Tim Richards Architects

Source logo - brand guides

Source Deli Sub-Brand guides

Emily Fahey Fitness logo

Emily Fahey Fitness

Fit Club Tropicana

Not just Logo Design

Services Conceptual design. logo design, logo implementation, brand strategy

Whether you are looking to start-up from scratch or reenergise and existing brand, we will go on a creative journey together to establish your vision.

When I create a logo design, I can't just 'design a logo'.
I need to ask the right questions to learn about how your logo will be used, understand and research your idea - creating with a purpose. 

I provide a basic master and colour guide as standard - with logos in all professional formats in all my logo packages.

An aspect of logo design is your 'brand strategy' 
- I would highly recommend that we take this approach from the out-set. A successful brand is built upon a creative strategy.

"Rebekah is talented and has an art for knowing exactly the type of product you want. She worked extremely hard to help come up with a concept and ideas that reflected the company brand.

She listened attentively to all my goals and aspirations to develop the preferred logo.
Easy to talk to and polite, Rebekah regularly kept me informed of the design process and kept to deadlines.


Thank you Rebekah, really appreciate your commitment and hard work!"

 - Nisha, Founder, The Urban Landscape Partnership


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